The A-Reliable ?Tournament of Destruction? featuring Team Demolition Derby held Saturday, May 17th at Route 66 Raceway in Joliet, Illinois was awesome to say the least. The Team Demo Association Inc. put on a show that the folks in Las Vegas would be proud of . A Standing room only crowd at Route 66 Raceway witnessed the first ever 80?s and newer cars elimination round. These Chevy Caprice?s, Ford Crown Vic?s, Lincoln Town Cars and a handful of Mopars and Caddies proved to be worthy competitors on the dirt oval. First Elimination Round: HAVOC vs. TEAM XTREME Elmer Fandrey in the Havoc car 43 took the checkered flag in the evening?s first race. The victory proved to be sweet for Fandry as he takes the win form his old team and newfound rivals, Team Extreme. ROAD RAGE vs. JUNK YARD DOGS The race started out close, as Joliet?s own John Lawson a NHRA Funny Car driver who has driven cars over 300mph charged to the lead early in the race. John?s car appeared to have some problems as steam filled the drivers compartment and this first time effort came to and end . Jim Pietrarosso whose family is legendary at Sycamore Speedway, speeds past Lawson to grab the lead with help from veteran blockers on this new team Road Rage. Pietrarosso?s car 17 took the checkered flag and showed the crowd that Road Rage is a force to be reckoned with! A teammate and known lap runner, Steven Scarbo was back after a short absence from Demos, he is a dominant driver whose family name is one of the most feared in this sport! ORANGE CRUSH vs. DAMAGE INC. Big Joe Snow returned to Team Demos with a vengeance driving orange car number 65 to victory as his team put down Damage Inc, in short order. Look for Orange Crush to be a very serious contender with the addition of Snow running laps for this well equipped team sponsored by A-Reliable The Parts Place In Blue Island. . LOCOMOTIVES vs. STRANGLEHOLD Last year saw some very close rounds between these well prepared high caliber teams. This year proved to be no different as Stranglehold looked like they had it the bag until Locomotives crushers realized they were less than a half a lap form being eliminated. Loco?s crushers quickly acted and stopped stranglehold short of victory and allowed Tom ?Brickman? Lewis to take the checkered flag and advance his team to the semi round. Consolation Race: (Cars from the first round losing teams) Stranglehold strongman Donny ?Booger? Walker who always keeps his team competitive took the consolation event. Stranglehold also won the evenings U-Pull-It Beauty Contest. The Consolation race pays good money but more importantly offers up one point toward the National Championship. The Semi Rounds: (Traditional heavy iron form the 60?s and 70?s): ROAD RAGE vs. HAVOC As soon as the green flag dropped both of the teams lap runners sprinted out front in their big block Fords. Jim Pietrarosso drifted his Road Rage team car through the turns and pulled out front, once again showing off his skills. Havoc?s Rich Wilson did not make it easy for Road Rage, Wilson and his teammates pulled up to make the 5 lap event close. Pietrarosso?s car 17 was only 300 feet from victory when his transmission let go in a puff of smoke. Havoc still had cars trying to run laps to get pass the now stopped Pietrarosso. Unfortunately for Team Havoc there four cars all came to a stand still with burned up engines and other mechanical problems that would end their night. The T.D.A officials declare Road Rage the winner, as all cars had stopped moving and they were closest to the finish line. LOCOMOTIVE vs. ORANGE CRUSH The bright orange cars of Orange Crush did not make things easy for the defending National Champions the Locomotives in the Semi Finals, the race was close until Tim ?The Terminator? Pankow puts his right foot to the floorboard and opened up his high horsepower station wagon. Both Orange Crush and the Locomotives blockers and crushers went at it hard, but the Terminator was to strong to be stopped and beat the Crush to the delight of the screaming fans. The Final Round LOCOMOTIVES vs. ROAD RAGE A close comparison could be made here of the old days when more often then not, the rivalry was The Mean Green Machine and the Locomotives. As the green flag dropped on this final event of the night the race quickly went to a 4 car vs. 3 car round. Tom ?Brickman? Lewis in number 71 died at the start, blocking Tim ?The Terminators? souped up car. Road Rage quickly took the advantage and jumped ahead. ?The Terminator? worked his way around the stalled car and other wrecked cars but could not catch the car 17 of Road Rage. Things got worse as ?The Terminator? lost his foreword gears, however, he did deliver a hard back up blow to a Road Rage car along the back straight-a-way in a last ditch effort. However, after a sensational run of two years of being undefended the Locomotives would lose the final round as Jim Pietrarosso took the checkered flag and Road Rage got the full respect of the packed house. Look for all the teams to come hungry for victory at the next event, Saturday, June 14th. New rivalries have been formed and revenge is in the air, some say it will be ?Pay Back Time? you be the judge! Point towards the National Championship after (1) of (3) events. Top (4) advance to World Finals on August 16th? ROAD RAGE------------------------ (10) LOCOMOTIVES-------------------- (6) HAVOC------------------------------- (4) ORANGE CRUSH-------------------(4) STRANGLEHOLD------------------(3) TEAM XTREME--------------------(2) DAMAGE INC-----------------------(2) JUNK YARD DOGS----------------(2)
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