Locomotives Victorious at Demo Derby Season Opener May 29, 2004 ? Route 66 Raceway in Joliet, opened its sixth season of America?s one of a kind ?Team Demolition Derby? to a capacity crowd and incredible mass destruction. The world?s eight best demo teams kicked off the first of four demolition derbies. In round one of race one, Damage INC took on Team Xtreme. At the drop of the green flag Ron Johnston driving the number 80 for Damage inc. took off in the lead, after leading lap one, Johnston was stopped by team Xtreme. Steve Duvall then took over the lead for team Xtreme. Duvall would be stopped in his second lap with a solid hit allowing Johnston to regain the lead and take Damage Inc. to the win and prepare for the semi finals. In race two of the first round, Orange Crush beat Locomotives off the starting line with Ron ?Iron Man? Tyrakowski in the lead for Orange Crush. The Orange crush team would get rid of Pete Ryan, a.k.a Mr Fear Factor, who was returning after a year absence. He was pounded hard with a nasty head-on collision. Tyrakowski would lead two laps before being taking out by an aggressive loco Phil ?fireball? Ledder of the Locomotives, who would prove to be the most valuable driver of the night, would complete the final three laps. In race three, the world champions, Road Rage, came out very aggressive against Havoc (last years second best team). The Road Rage plan was to drive offensively and destroy their opponents early. But in the end it would cost them the race. Eddie Lengwin took the first lap for Road Rage. With most of their cars spent and Robby Stahulak out with a busted axle, Lengwin had little protection and was brought to a stop and over taken by Havoc?s Carl Brower in the #49 car. Brower would go on to win easily for Havoc. In the final race of the first round it could have gone either way. It was a see-saw battle between two great teams. The national champions Junk Yard Dogs were unleashed to face a very strong Stranglehold team. The first lap would see the Dogs jump out front with team owner Mark Ziesmer leading the first lap only to be stopped in lap two. Garrett ?Big Kahuna? Vanderbilt took over the lead for Stranglehold as the Dogs collected themselves. Chris ?Ludicrous? Cruver of the Dogs found himself running second on the same lap as Vanderbilt the leader. The two stayed that way for the next three laps. Cruver moved closer in on the leader each lap. On the fifth and final lap the Big Khuna was trashed by one of the Dogs allowing Cruver to sneak though to take the lead and the win for the Junk Yard Dogs. In the consolation race, all the non-winning teams showed up, except Team Xtreme. This is an important event as it pay?s money and one championship point. Robby Stahulak of Raod Rage lead the first four laps even after having a heavy head-on collision. He was with in a few feet of the finish line when the engine of his well prepared car stopped and would not run. Wayne ?Big Daddy Woo Woo? Noble would inherit the lead and the win for Stranglehold. The first Semi, saw the Locomotives slice though Damage Inc. hot shoe Tim Pankow in one of his high-end race cars would lead the first lap for Damage. His run would end with a heavy hit from the Loco?s. Again it would be ?Fireball? Ledder who would take the lead and bring home the win for the Locomotives. The second semi, found the national champions Junk Yard Dogs running deep into a hornet?s nest, as Havoc was able to lead all five laps with two different cars. Tim Day was the man who took the checkers and put Havoc into the finals. The finals, found Locomotives like their old Champion self?s again as they went up against Havoc. They protected their lead cars cautiously and again Ledder lead all but the third lap. Fellow loco driver Tom ?Brickman? Lewis collected the third lap. In the end the Locomotives won it all. Their cars were well prepared and their leader Pete Ryan was back. But it?s not over yet?. Teams brought new strength in their well-built cars and a renewed expectation of winning. TDA officials predict other teams will come to the forefront before this season comes to an end. Team Demo Points as of May 29, 2004 Locomotives (10) Havoc (6) Damage Inc. (4) Junk Yard Dogs (4) Stranglehold (3) Road Rage (2) Team Xtreme (2) Orange Crush (2) Fastest time recorded ? Damage Inc. (2:48:66)
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