July 31 - Demolition Derby #3 Results

Demo Derby #3 Results July 31, 2004 ? Route 66 Raceway Joliet, presented it?s third of four, A-Reliable Team Demolition Derby?s ?Tournament of Destruction? to a full house. It turned out to be an awesome display of massive destruction as the popular Locomotives team won their third first place trophy to become the 2004 National Champions. In round one of race one, Stranglehold took on Damage Inc. At the drop of the green flag it was obvious that it could go either way, both teams were ready for a war. Damage Inc. lead the first lap in a cluster of cars. Early in lap two Stranglehold?s Garett Vanderbuilt took the lead then drove into the infield. Number 55 Mel Noble for Stranglehold kept his team in the lead but within seconds Noble was hit with a huge head-on collision that stopped him in his tracks. Following Mel was brother Wayne ?Big Daddy Woo Woo? Noble who, sputtered along to take over the lead and finish the five laps to win putting Stranglehold into the Semi Finals for the first time this year. The second race of round one found Road Rage and Orange Crush ready to do battle. It didn?t take long for Road Rage to establish their dominance. Eddie Lengwin in the #18 car and Steve Scarbro driving the number #1 car took off the leaving the field behind. On the backstretch Lengwin was stopped by an Orange Crush member but would recover. Scarbro was slowed in the corner as Robbie Stahulak took the lead for the defending champs Road Rage. Orange Crush then maneuvered into blocking every Road Rage car up into the back wall including the leader. Scarbro broke away stuck in reverse. Lengwin drove off to start collecting laps and was again stopped by the Orange Crush. Then Stahulak broke free from the back wall and was attacked time after time by the Crush as he finished his laps as the leader and would fight though to take the checkered flag. There was no question they would be a team that could win it all by night end. Race three of Round One brought Havoc out to take on Team Xtreme. As Chief Starter Sheryl LaPorte dropped the green flag, Havoc jumped out in front both two cars completing the first lap in short order. Midway though the second lap Team Xtreme got to work and took out booth of the Havoc lead cars. Havoc came back to do heavy damage to Xtreme who were late in getting a runner to accumulate laps. In the surge to inflict damage on Xtreme, Rich Wilson?s Havoc got the worst of it. Scott Norstrum was then able to start collecting laps and won the round for Team Xtreme putting them in the Semi Finals for the second time this year. In the final race of round one, the National Champions Junk Yard Dogs unleashed what would be one of the best races of the night as they faced the Locomotives. The Dogs knew they had to beat the Locos to stay in the point fight. It was not to be, car number 71 driven by Tom ?The Brickman? Lewis jump out front for the Locos only to be beaten to the first lap by Chris ?Ludacris? Cruver and Rob McKay running 1-2 for the dogs. Cruver in his second lap was hit hard at the starting line by the Locos driver ?Speedy? Steve Vollbrecht allowing McKay to take over the lead. At this juncture Phil ?Fireball? Ledder for the Locos was running second, less then a straightway behind McKay. On the white flag lap Ledder would finish the lap to win the round and move on to the Semis. The consolation race found three teams showing up for the extra point and money. Damage Inc. came with 2 cars, Havoc came with 3, and the Orange Crush came out with one car. It was an easy win for Havoc as back up driver Carl Brower lead from start to finish with little resistance from opposing teams. The first semi saw Road Rage and Stranglehold get off to an even start with both teams tangling in the second turn. Leader Steve Scarbro made it to the line to lead after a solid hit from Stranglehold. Half way into his third lap as the leader he took a huge head-on collision and was finished. Robbie Stahulak for Road rage, completed one lap and went onto complete the final four laps for the win. The second semi brought Team Xtreme against the Locomotives. At the start the Locos had Vollbrecht in the lead followed by Ledder. In a mad scramble in turn two Vollbrecht was smashed hard by Xtreme?s Jason Kloeckner. Ledder then pick up the lead and would go on to win untouched by the opposing team thanks to excellent blocking by the Locomotives. The finals found the drivers charged with emotion and pumped full of adrenaline. This was in reality, a rematch between old foes. Road Rage and the Locomotives. If the Locomotives won it would be three in a row and the National Championship. A win for Road Rage would be sweet revenge. As Chief Starter Sheryl LaPorte sent them under way it was Phil ?Fireball? Ledder once again taking the lead for the first and second lap. As Ledder started his third lap he was pinned into turn one by Art Scarbro and stopped. In the same mess were the Locos Peter Ryan (7) and Tom Lewis (71). Lewis broke free and began to collect laps and the Loco?s came to his rescue with great protection. Road Rage found themselves down on cars and out of luck as Lewis completed his laps bringing home a third victory for the Locomotives and the National Championship. Team Demo Points as of July 31, 2004 Locomotives ---- (30) Road Rage ---- (14) Havoc ---- (11) Stranglehold ---- (10) Team Xtreme ---- (10) Junk Yard Dogs ---- (10) Damage Inc ---- (8) Orange Crush ---- (6) Fastest Time Recorded Locomotives (2:40) Final Finish for July 31, 2004 1. Locomotives 2. Road Rage 3. Stranglehold 4. Team Xtreme 5. Havoc 6. Damage Inc. 7. Junk Yard Dogs 8. Orange Crush
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