IDRA Battle of the Imports Results


September 18 - 19, 2004
Battle of the Imports

September 19, 2004

Pro-Import: Joe Demaree (Zionsville, IN.) was victorious over Stephanie Eggum (West Dundee, IL.) when she broke. Demaree ran an E.T. of 11.155 at 103.59 mph.

Pro-Street: Bisi Ezerioha (Hacienda Heights, CA.) was victorious over Nate Romero (Louisville, KY.) Ezerioha ran an E.T. of 10.143 at 138.12mph, while Romero ran an E.T. of 12.056 at 84.70 mph.

Street-Tuner: Steven Flaim (South Bend, IN.) was victorious over Susan Hudson (Peoria, IL.) Flaim ran an E.T. of 12.147 at 106.13 mph, while Hudson ran an E.T. of 13.184 at 104.82 mph.

Street-Comp: Ali Afshar (Castaic, CA.) was victorious over Martin Musial (Arllington Hgts. IL.) when he broke. Afshar ran an E.T. of 12.135 at 79.36mph.

Street-Performance: Vichay Bun (Holland, MI.) was victorious over Siv Vireak Liv (Zealand, MI.) Bun ran an E.T. of 11.921 at 114.45mph, while Liv ran an E.T. of 12.044 at 112.54mph.

Street-Stock: David Park (Iverness, IL.) was victorious over Pinyo Nuangsri (Chicago, IL.) Park ran an E.T. of 13.991 at 99.35mph, while Nuangsri ran an E.T. of 14.326 at 98.82mph.

Sport Eliminator: Jeff Hanko (Joliet, IL.) was victorious over Nicholas Lester (Lansing, MI.) Hanko ran an E.T. of 13.463 (13.00) at 84.72mph, while Lester ran an E.T. of 13.503 (13.20) at 98.85mph.


Also congratulation to all of the car show winners.

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