PINKS ALL OUT – Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Your car now won't be ready or you have health issues that will prevent you from competing in PINKS All Out at Route 66 Raceway. Can you give your spot to another driver?

A - No. If your car will not be ready you can compete in another car, but you cannot give your spot to another driver.

Q - I can't compete in PINKS All Out now. Can I get a refund of my entry fee and tickets?

A - No. Entry and ticket fees are non-refundable.

Q - Do drivers registered for PINKS All Out at Route 66 Raceway need to buy a ticket to get in to the event?

A - No. Drivers will receive an admission wristband at check-in.

Q - What is stacking?

A – Stacking is when racers who arrive early are parked on Chicagoland Speedway property prior to the designated load-in times. (listed below)

Q – What is load-in?

A – Load-in is when racers are brought over from Chicagoland Speedway property to the Route 66 Raceway property to check in and park in the pit area by designate Route 66 Raceway staff.

Q – Can we arrive and stack on Wednesday?

A – No.  Stacking will not begin until 9 a.m. on Thursday.  Racers will not be allowed on property prior to that day and time.

Q – I’m a participant selected for PINKS All Out.  When will do I receive my packet?

A – Packets will not be mailed out in advance.  When a racer checks in during the load in times a photo ID must be presented.  Once that racer is verified as a PINKS All Out participant they will receive their packet and tech card.  The packet will include area information, the driver gate admission wrist band and vehicle passes. THE PACKETS WILL NOT BE GIVEN TO ANYONE BESIDES THE PERSON WHO IS REGISTERED FOR THE EVENT. (FRIENDS, FAMILY AND CREW WILL NOT BE ABLE TO PICK UP PACKETS FOR A DRIVER).

Q – Can someone else bring my car and equipment in for me?

A – No.  The only person that can load in and check in to receive the packet is the registered participant.

Q – Can my family come into the pit area after I have already parked in the pits on Thursday?

A – No.  The only vehicles that are allowed in the pits throughout the weekend are competitor  tow vehicles and competitor vehicles.  The parking passes are included in the packet that will only be given to the registered driver.

Q – Are racers allowed to stay overnight in the pits?

A – Yes.  Racers that are participating are allowed to stay in the pit area during the event weekend.  Racers staying throughout the weekend will have to be out of the pit area by Noon on Sunday, June 27.

Q – Are there shower houses available during the event weekend for people staying?

A – There will not be any shower houses available during the event weekend.

Q – Can spectators purchase camping spots for the weekend?

A – Camping is only available for racers participating in PINKS All Out.

Q – Is tent camping allowed?

A – Tent camping is not allowed.

Q – Where is spectator parking for PINKS All Out?

A – General parking is free of charge for the PINKS All Out at Route 66 Raceway.  General Parking is at Gate 13 off of Schweitzer Rd.  This is the only general parking location.  Cars are not allowed to be left overnight and overnight camping is not permitted in the general parking lot.

Q – Can a spectator bring in a golf cart?

A – Golf carts or any other motorized vehicles that are not being used as a mobile aide are not allowed on Chicagoland Speedway or Route 66 Raceway property.  Only racers that have golf carts to tow their race vehicles are allowed to have a cart on property.

Q – What if my license is suspended or I have a ticket?

A – A state issued photo id is required to check in.  If a driver’s license is not presented a state ID is acceptable.

Q – Do I have to arrive on Thursday, June 24?

A – Participants are not required to arrive on Thursday, June 24.  Route 66 Raceway has designated Thursday as a load in day only to help alleviate some possible load in congestion and to save time for racers on Friday and Saturday.

Q – Can I bring a different vehicle?

A – Yes.  A different vehicle can be brought to the Pinks All Out event as long as it is compliance with the Pinks All Out regulations.  When a registered participant arrives for check in you will be asked to declare their E.T. (estimated time).

Q – Do my crew members need tickets to get in the gate?

A – Yes.  Everyone needs a ticket for gate admission.  Admission tickets are available for purchase in a variety of ways.

1.  Calling the Route 66 Raceway ticket number at 888-629-7223

2.  Ordering tickets online at

3.  Tickets will be available at the gate Friday-Saturday, June 25-26


What PINKS All Out Registered Participants Need to Know

Thursday, June 24:

            9:00 am-2:00 pm            Stacking begins (Gate 1, Chicagoland Speedway property)

            2:00 pm-7:00 pm            Load In (Gate 14, Route 66 Raceway property)

            7:00 pm                          Stacking resumes (Gate 1)

    Friday, June 25:

            9:00 am                         Competitor Check-In / Load In begins (Gate 14)

            10:00 am                       Tech Inspection / Registration Opens

            2:00 pm-8:00 pm           Test and Tune for Competitors

            6:00 pm         Tech Inspection/Registration Closes / Stacking resumes (Gate 1)

   Saturday, June 26:

            8:00 am                         Competitor Check-In / Load In begins (Gate 14)

            8:30 am                         Tech Inspection / Registration Opens

            10:00 am-1:00 pm          First set of Time Trials

            10:15 am                        Tech Inspection / Registration Ends

            1:15 pm                          Second set of Time Trials “Arm Drop”

·         Times Subject to Change


Please follow all signs along roadway near track properties.  Pit parking will be done in the order of arrival.  No saving of spaces in the pits.  If you want to park together you must enter the pits together.  All Crew members will need to purchase a gate admission ticket for each day.  Racers will have to determine during the registration which two crew members will go to the starting line while the competitor is racing.

Fri. General Admission                          $15

Sat. General Admission                         $25

Sat. Reserved                                       $30

Two-Day General Admission                  $35


Ages 12 & Younger are Free! (with paid adult)

Everyone despite Age Requires a Ticket (children ages 12 and younger will receive a free ‘ticket’ – this allows the gate staff to know when the event is sold out).

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