Tournament of Destruction: Round 1 Results


Opening night of the 2011 Tournament of Destruction provided its fair share of thrilling racing, huge crashes and the heart-pumping excitement of Team Demolition Derby you can only experience at Route 66 Raceway.

In the opening match, the quick pace of Seek-N-Destroy kept one step ahead of Damage, Inc’s attempts to thwart their speed. #26 Levi Turnbaugh avoided contact through 4 laps until he was smashed head-on by #86 Dave Swan. #80 Steve Schaefer put the big hit of the race on Levi’s father, #29 Charlie Turnbaugh. The younger Turnbaugh kept his machine running and pushed across the win.

Bad Company hit hard and hit fast against Reckoning and nearly knocked out the entire team! #38 Kyle Shearer and #39 Jason Ritacco delivered the massive hits, but had no teammate running laps to back-up their offense. The lone survivor, #74 Steve Vollbrecht collected all 5 laps and took the win for Reckoning. Shearer took one last shot on the winner right as he crossed the finish line!

Stranglehold and Mean Green Machine pushed each other to the limit with numerous hard hits at all corners of the track. #57 Mel Noble, Jr.’s helmet flew off after a shot from #13 Ryan Decker. Even with no helmet, Noble saw an open to get revenge on Decker and blasted him with a big head-on hit! The drive to win will push these drivers to throw sanity out the window! Noble walked away uninjured, but Stranglehold walked back to the pits without a victory. Mean Green Machine tallied more laps and took the win after no cars were able to continue.

The defending 2010 Champions Orange Crush squared off against the brand new team Full Throttle, comprised primarily of veteran drivers plus one rookie. #06 Ryan Bleuer, one the sport’s top lap runners, lost a tire within seconds of the green flag! Immediately, Orange Crush was at a disadvantage. #66 Ron Tyrakowski surged to the lead and collected two quick laps. Bleuer managed to keep his car up to speed and made 2 laps on only 3 wheels! Full Throttle battled back and took advantage of Orange Crush cars running into each other. Tyrakowski was stuck on the wall and #40 Ron Johnston pinned the 3-wheeled Bleuer. This allowed #45 Jay Van Allen to go un-touched for 5 and score the unlikely and shocking win.

In the Figure-8 Cars “Spectator Series,” #68 Doug McCarty led from start to finish with another dominating performance. McCarty racked up three wins in 2010 and kicked off the 2011 season in the same fashion. #B9 Bob Hipshure was contending for the lead, but fell victim to the treacherous ‘X’ crossing in the middle of the track. #4 Phil Johnston clipped Hipshure and spun him around head-on into another car! #40 Ed Mayr ran door-to-door with #64 John Klimek most of the way for 2nd and 3rd place. Klimek eventually broke away from Mayr and finished behind McCarty.

Reckoning and Seek-N-Destroy hold the record for the longest Team Demo race in history at over 14 minutes. Their semi-final battle was not a marathon affair, instead it was a high-speed slugfest! Seek-N-Destroy enlisted Damage, Inc’s owner Dave Swan to give them more power and Swan provided it with numerous blocks and hard hits on Reckoning’s runners. #26 Levi Turnbaugh fought valiantly to collect laps up against #74 Steve Vollbrecht, but was on the receiving end of several shots against the wall. #78 Chris McGuire plowed through more Seek-N-Destroy defenders which allowed #76 Steve Gurksy, Jr to race across the finish and send Reckoning to the Finals.

On the other side of the bracket, Full Throttle locked horns with the young, aggressive Mean Green Machine. #41 Pete Milette buried the front of his car into the side of #19 John Clemmons on the opening lap. Milette continued to punish the green cars and laid out #10 Kenny Prinner with a nasty head-on hit! #13 Ryan Decker ran coast-to-coast several times to thwart the run of #45 Jay Van Allen and the rookie #46 Andy Fleischman. Milette cornered Decker and put an end to his threat. Fleischman cruised around track, took the checkered and capped another unlikely and impressive win for Full Throttle.

#67 Phil Duffin blew away the competition in the opening race of the Figure-8 Trucks “Spectator Series.” 11 trucks started the race and after 10 laps, only Duffin was on the lead lap! The tight battles were down the leader board in 4th-6th. #19 Travis Samborski, #12 Joe Frieh, and #37 Dave Hagner dueled back and forth around the ‘8’ with sparks flying and sheet metal left on the track. The “Spectator Series” is open to any and all racers! Get all the competition information at

Reckoning was a pre-season favorite to contend for the 2011 Championship and it was no surprised they found a way to make it to the Finals. Full Throttle was expected to make an impact, but no one expected them to wind up in the Finals the first time out. #76 Steve Gursky, Jr. sprinted to a quick lead, but #40 Ron Johnston was just as quick on defense and slammed Gursky into the wall. #46 Andy Fleischman found himself in the lead again with incredible crushing support from #41 Pete Milette. #45 Jay Van Allen and #78 Chris McGuire smashed head-on in a wild impact in Turn 3! The hit caused a chain reaction pile up that involved all but 3 cars on the track! Gursky got his car re-fired and pushed past the wreckage, Milette’s block attempt, and into the lead.  Van Allen was the lone chance to stop Gursky, but his car was a mangled mess. Gursky out-ran one final block and captured the checkered flag!

Reckoning chased after the Championship in 2009 and 2010; now they are the one’s being chased. The other 7 teams will return on June 18th ready and able to knock Reckoning off the top. Will Reckoning hold 1st place after Round 2? Can the defending champs rebound from a strange and poor start to the new season? Is Full Throttle a serious threat for the leaders? We’ll find out all these answers as the 2011 Team Demolition Derby Tournament of Destruction rolls on June 18th!


Chicago Heights U-PULL-IT
Team Demolition Derby

Points Standings After 1 Event Reckoning 10
Full Throttle 8
Mean Green Machine 6
Seek-N-Destroy 6
Orange Crush 4
Stranglehold 4
Bad Company 4
Damage, Inc. 4

Figure-8 Cars Points Standings After 1 Event

#68 Doug McCarty 30pts
#64 John Klimek 25
#40 Ed Mayr 23
#01 Andrew Sherman 21
#81x Kurtis Kraehmer 19
#B9 Bob Hipshure 17
#92 Homer Pederson 15
#60 Mike Leodoro 13
#1H Rob Hess 11
#4 Phil Johnston 9
#55 Wally Hartung 7
#81 Richie Santucci 5

Figure-8 Trucks Points Standings After 1 Event

#67 Phil Duffin
#30 Pete Morris
#25 Jason Williams
#19 Travis Samborski
#12 Joe Frieh
#37 Dave Hagner
#77 Jeff Vicik
#50 Jim Morris
#13 Mike Zarn
#89 Mark Vantlolum
#23 Jimmy Morris

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