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Route 66 Raceway Fan Council

Route 66 Raceway Fan Council

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11. Do your children attend the races with you?
12. Do you connect with us on social media? (Check all that apply)
13. Which races did you purchase tickets for last season?
14. Do you camp with us?
15. Do you tailgate on our property?
17. Do you visit the pits and/or midway space during a race weekend?
18. Have you ever been a part of one of our hospitality experiences (i.e. Rooftop Seating or Club 66)?
20. How satisfied are you with Route 66 Raceway?
21. Would you recommend Route 66 Raceway to a friend? *This question is required.
23. Do you consent to being contacted regarding the Fan Council via the email and/or phone number you provided? *This question is required.
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