The challenges of the Joliet Fire and Police departments are many. Their fine-tuned skills and response times are key components in their livelihood, as well as the public they serve and protect in Joliet. This Saturday, May 1, the Joliet Fire Department (JFD) and Joliet Police Department (JPD) will showcase some of their finest skills. During the "Kicks at 66" Route 66 Raceway Season Opener, fans will witness the Inaugural JPD vs. JFD 1/4-Mile Challenge as well as the JFD Mid-Night Response competition. JFD vs. JPD Inaugural 1/4-Mile Challenge The Joliet Fire Department and the Joliet Police Department will go head-to-head in a drag race during the Route 66 Raceway Season Opener. This race will test their body response and coordination with the Christmas Tree, then their vehicle control as they race down the record-setting 1/4-mile to the finish. The teams will be competing on two levels. The first will be the reaction time of how quickly they respond to the green light. The second measurement of the challenge will be how quickly they finish the distance from the start line to the finish line of the drag strip. Competitors will be Mike Smyth from the Joliet Police Department and Jim Ryan from the Joliet Fire Department. Midnight Response Challenge The Midnight Response Challenge is a competitive demonstration by the Joliet Fire Department. Four teams of three firefighters will compete during a timed race simulation. This race will be a symbolic drill of an unexpected fire call. The challenge will pit two teams against each other who will be required to don their fire fighting gear, then load and buckle-up into a fire engine. The two teams will then race to mid track, hook up a fire hose and nozzle, successfully hit targets with the water spray, then disconnect the hose, load into the engine and race to the finish line. Who ever finishes first will continue to the next round until one of four teams is crowned a champion. "This is a type of activity that we would do for training purposes," explained Operations Chief Jack Krynicki of the Joliet Fire Department. "This type of competition will showcase the dexterity they need for hooking up the hoses and the endurance required for their job. It is a lot of fun and enhances the skills these firefighters need for the department. It will be a great time." The Joliet Fire Department teams for the Midnight Response challenge are: Team 1: Jack Krynicki, Ray Palacios, & Rodney Leggero Team 2 : Craig Perrine, Craig Sayles, & Ralph Norberg Team 3 = Ed Kolence, John Berta, & Jeff Nagra Team 4 = Jim Batusich, Jim Ryan, & Jim Hedrick This competition will take place after opening ceremonies of the event scheduled for 6:00 p.m. Joliet Mayor Art Schultz will be on hand for a ribbon cutting ceremony and to preside as a special guest/judge of the JPD and JFD competition. ###
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