Quotes from Alternative Fuel Event at Joliet Township High School


Joliet Township High School Principal Craig Spiers:

"We're very fortunate and appreciative of having this partnership with Chicagoland Speedway and Route 66 Raceway. It gives our students a real-life playing field where they can apply the skills that they learned in the classroom and they can see the relevancy far in advance of employment, so we thank the Chicagoland Speedway for this experience."

School Board President – Jeff Pierson:

"This is great. I would like to take this opportunity from the Board of Education to absolutely thank Route 66 Raceway for providing us this opportunity and for also developing the relationship with our high school students. We appreciate their partnership with our school district and our kids, and we like the open-arm atmosphere and open mind they have in everything they present."

VP/GM of Chicagoland Speedway and Route 66 Raceway - Matthew Alexander:

"Well, we're excited to see what you guys do with this car...so I hope it goes 500 mph when it's all done. What we're looking for you to do is take this theory and turn it into a practical real-life thing. So again, that's the exciting part for me...to see what you guys come up with. This hopefully will be the prize possession for all of us, the school and Chicagoland Speedway and Route 66 Raceway. So use those brains, use your creativity and let's see what we can come up with. Have some fun with it. We are really looking forward to working with you guys on this."

Automotive Technology Teacher – Dave Haberkorn:

"I just want to thank Chicagoland Speedway and Route 66 Raceway...they are giving us a great opportunity for you and me to learn how to work on alternative fuel vehicles. We have the kits…we are going to have to put in a new gas tank, run new fuel lines, cooling system, relocate things...do a lot of cuttings. You guys are going to learn a lot about this...it's going to be great for you."

Superintendent of Joliet Township High School - Dr. Paul Swanstrom

"This is a great opportunity. All I can do is pretty much repeat everything that has already been said. We talk about the three R's...we talk about "rigor." You are going to learn and apply information. You're going to make it come alive. Instead of looking at a book or watching some TV, you're going to be working on this car and doing something that is cutting edge. We're looking at "relevance." This alternative fuel thing...it's in the news and it's really exciting. Make sure this means something to you. And we talk about "relationships." We are really proud to have this relationship with Chicagoland Speedway and Route 66 Raceway, and we are really excited about this opportunity for you. So good luck. We are looking forward to seeing what you can do. We appreciate Matt and his organizations. Let's make it a successful experience."

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