Team Route 66 Raceway Raring to Win ET Finals


team  /tēm/ 

A group of players forming one side in a competitive game or sport.
Come together as a team to achieve a common goal: "he teamed up with the band".

The Summit Racing NHRA North Central ET Finals at Lucas Oil Raceway at Indianapolis is a special time.  Route 66 Raceway's fiercest competitors will join forces to not only compete as individuals but as a team.  As a team, Route 66 Raceway can win the Team Points Championship or even the Team Spirit Award.

GOOD LUCK and safe racing to Team Route 66 Raceway and the many other racers competing in the 2012 Summit Racing NHRA North Central ET Finals this weekend.  Have fun, go rounds, travel safe and represent Route 66 Raceway well!

2012 Team Route 66 Raceway 
Super Pro Pro ET
Dave Ancel Mike Roppo
John Schober John Haut
Al Wagner Sr Matt O'Connell
Bill Hurst John Coyle
Justin Ford Frank Valencia
Bryan Lane Herman Zehnder
Steve Hamilton Troy Bogner
Jay Allen Mike Heden
Todd Trench Sr Jesse Brady
Dana Klienhoffer Ricky Pena
Robert Ricci John Hixon
Sportsman Pro Bike
Marvin Cresson Bob Foster Jr
Tony Lyons Brian Foster
Paul O'Keefe Mike Bostic
Craig Jones Bob Foster Sr
Andy Brodzinski
Joe Zehnder
High School
Matt Maciejewski Downers Grove North
David Lyons Clifton Central

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